If you’re a small organisation, typically with 10 branches or less, you can access all the key functions of UltraPoS with our small business edition (USBE).

USBE users have access to the same underlying system as some of the UK’s largest FX businesses, providing all the tools and support you need to be able to set-up and run your travel money business successfully.

Exceptional Customer Service

You can expect a quick system deployment once a member of our experienced customer service team has finalised your requirements. Our dedicated team of USBE specialists provide system training and are available during office hours to answer any queries and resolve issues as quickly as possible.

Streamlined Transactions

USBE has an easy to use, intuitive transaction process which manages the sale of foreign currency banknotes, travellers’ cheques and records other products such as money transfers.

Our flexible system lets you accept and redeem deposits as well as applying fees to transactions, for example credit and debit card charges.

Flexible Rate Management Tools

With USBE you can set rates for your whole business or just a single transaction.

Security and Accountability

Our FX software has configurable mandatory customer details fields with multiple thresholds to meet individual customer compliance requirements. It also checks against the UK’s sanctions list, which is updated daily.

Each user is allocated a specific access level ensuring staff can only view and use the areas you wish them to. Once a user has logged in all activity on the system is recorded, providing a full audit trail.

The stock reconciliation function allows daily till balancing where any discrepancies will be identified and accounted for.

Sales Data at your Fingertips

USBE’s reporting tool offers a wide range of data that includes profit and loss, transactions and stock movement. Reports can be filtered to be viewed by branch, till, user or location; so you only need to view the information you want to at any given time.


Address Search and Verification

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  • HMT
  • OFAC

Travel Money for Medium to Large Business

Whether you’re launching a new travel money service to retail customers or upgrading your existing bureau de change, you want the peace of mind that your system is going to scale, support and add value across your estate.

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Premier Travel Case Study

East Anglia’s Premier Travel is now a ‘one-stop shop’ for travel services thanks to USBE

Premier Travel was established in 1936 and remains an independent and privately-owned travel agency. The agency boasts 17 branches across Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk.

Despite competition from high street and online travel agencies, Premier Travel thrives by offering an experienced and personal service. “We have long serving, knowledgeable staff who can help a wide range of customers find exactly what they need from a holiday,” says Rachael Willis, Finance Director for Premier Travel.

However, relying on a manual bureau de change system meant offering travel money could be slow and inconvenient for both the customer and the travel agent. Since introducing SCL’s UltraPoS Small Business Edition (USBE) automated foreign exchange system last year, Premier Travel can now manage, trade, control and reconcile travel money services successfully with minimal effort.

“It is essential for independent travel businesses like ours to offer a one-stop shop for our customers,” adds Rachael. “We didn’t want to arrange every detail of a complex travel itinerary and then send the customer to our competitors to get the currency they needed. Equally, we didn’t want to let them down with an outdated exchange system that didn’t reflect the values and quality of our business, so we changed to an automated system from SCL. Its easy-to-use online tools allow us to keep our money service responsive and our exchange rates really competitive, while reducing administrative burden for our staff.”

USBE has been in place since late last year and Premier Travel has seen the amount of foreign exchange increase dramatically. We can now provide a full foreign exchange service; buying and selling major currencies, setting exchange rates, keeping track of stock and real-time reporting – plus USBE helps to meet regulatory compliance and reduce potential for fraud by capturing customer data.”

USBE was selected by Premier Travel after being recommended by the Travel Network Group, a network of independent travel agents across Europe. “We’re very happy with the USBE software and the services we can now offer” adds Rachael; “Our customers appreciate the personal touch in our service and we, in turn, value this from SCL.”

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