Whether you’re launching a new travel money service to retail customers or upgrading your existing bureau de change, you want the peace of mind that your system is going to scale, support and add value across your estate.

With UltraPoS, you can rest assured that your platform can fulfil all your needs seamlessly, across physical and commerce locations – nationally and internationally. At the same time it will make you more efficient, keep you compliant and also help you innovate the customer experience with new services including click and collect or home delivery.

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Fully Automated Processes 

Routine processes are performed automatically, so staff can focus on customer service. Real-time rate management allows you to monitor the market, adjust rates competitively and attract shoppers looking for the best deals. FX services can also be linked direct to back office systems for automatic end of day reconciliation and to eliminate the manual processes that sap resource and cause error.

Stock Control Management

Locate, move and manage currency between stores with our integrated stock management system. Know ‘at a glance’ the status of your operations.

Easier Security & Effortless Compliance

SCL reduces the effort involved in complying with Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulatory standards.  It automates the paper trail for easier auditing and full accountability and aids security processes, identification and authorisation.

Extend Customer Choice with Travel Money Cards

Travel money card sales are on the rise, even more so with the decline in Travellers Cheque sales and availability. Customers want an alternative way to carry currency conveniently and securely. Our FX software manages the sale, stock management and reloading of single and multi-currency travel money cards.

Click and Collect or Home Delivery Services

UltraPoS offers an integrated B2C website to facilitate secure ‘click and collect’ and home delivery currency services. Hosted by SCL, this can be customised, branded and seamlessly integrated into your website. We automate the whole process from processing and fulfilment to managing the in-store collection or home delivery options.

Our online B2C service means you no longer need to have a physical retail presence to offer a travel money service.


Payment Gateways

  • MasterCard Payment Gateway Services
  • VeriFone


  • Access Prepaid
  • FIS
  • Prepay Solutions


  • HMT
  • OFAC


  • Cash Management Solutions (cash requirement forecasts)
  • Experian Identity and Fraud (ID verification)
  • International Reference Systems (banknote and ID verification)
  • MoneyGram (money transfers)

Rate Suppliers

  • American Express
  • First Rate Exchange Services
  • International Currency Exchange
  • Moneycorp
  • Travelex

Integrated Ordering

  • American Express
  • First Rate Exchange Services
  • Travelex

Prepaid Stock

  • FIS
  • Thames Card Technology

Address Search

  • GB Group
  • Experian Data Quality
  • PCA Predict

Travel Money for Small Business

If you’re a small organisation, typically with 10 branches or less, you can access all the key functions of UltraPoS with our small business edition (USBE).

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