SCL helps you branch out with innovative new ways to add value to your gift card program and seamlessly manage services across multiple channels, markets and currencies.

Our open transaction network and market- leading UltraPoS software simplifies and supports rapid roll out of multiple services for both open and closed loop gift cards.

UltraPoS enables real-time service reporting and inventory management across your outlets, providing a single gift card sales solution across a range of channels including PC-based ePoS terminals, self-service kiosks and tablets.

At last you can achieve your growth ambitions, boost profits and attract customers with exciting new gift card services that are really easy for our sales staff to fulfil.

Sell What You Want, Where You Want

SCL supports multiple products, platforms, card processors, issuers, languages and currencies – so you can sell and manage multiple types of gift card, third party branded or in-house.

UltraPoS isn’t limited to gift cards, it can also facilitate the sale of other products, financial and non-financial, such as phone cards, SIM cards, gift card packaging, maps and tickets.

It also manages multiple sales channels simultaneously, including concierge desks, gift card malls, corporate bulk orders, self-service kiosks and hand-held devices.

Ensure Effortless Compliance

Our highly configurable platform and automated reports help to ensure that you’re fully compliant with Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulatory standards and can also be customised to reflect local legislation.

We are PCI DSS Certified (Level 1 Service Provider), this standard is maintained through annual audits ensuring your data is always secure.

Get Deeper Insight

Sophisticated inventory management empowers you to track the whereabouts, status and history of any prepaid product within your network. This is unique; no other software in the prepaid market offers this capability. In addition, our wide range of reports helps to minimise fraud and manage stock.

Integrated & Scalable Services

UltraPoS offers easy integration with back office systems such as general ledgers and financial structures giving you faster access to your data.

Highly resilient, our platform scales up instantly to support seasonal and promotion-driven sales spikes. Our software is configurable to each client so systems perform every function they need without any unused features.

Mobilise to Boost Convenience and Sales

Our UltraPoS Stored Value App, available on iPad, allows users to target customers easily, taking the sale directly to them. This sales channel can be run simultaneously with others or can be used as a standalone service.

Enabled with an email receipt function, it eliminates the need for a receipt printer, is easy to download and requires minimal training.


Payment Gateways



  • FIS
  • Blackhawk Network


  • Thames Card Technology
  • FIS
  • Obethur Card Systems

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