With SCL’s Velocity Checking, manual Anti Money Laundering and KYC checks are a thing of the past. The checks can be fully automated across the whole client network, offering a fast, accurate transactional process, and a seamless shopping experience for both customers and retailers.

Our system will check a customer’s order against previous transactions to identify where order limits are higher than a pre-defined customer rule, or do not comply with AML requirements.

  • Fast automated process
  • Issues identified at point of sale
  • Full, accurate audit report
  • Ensure accuracy of AML checks
  • Configurable options to match criteria

Velocity Checking when used together with ID scanning, offers a highly effective compliance solution, providing peace of mind that you are minimising the risk of money laundering and fraudulent transactions.

Transactional velocity

Checks order history to identify breach of trading limits

Shipping velocity

Ensure transactions stay within home delivery limits (for M4T customers)


Accurate reporting of breaches during a specified time period


Records the full audit trail of identified limit infringements during a transaction

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