Offering discounts and incentives is a fundamental part of retail marketing to ensure that you are maximising sales, growth and footfall. Our Promotions feature can help you achieve your marketing and sales objectives by attracting new and repeat business, and facilitate cross-selling of other products and services.

Discount codes can be issued and printed on a FX customer’s receipt to be redeemed on their next order. For example; 5% off foreign exchange orders over £500. You can also include details of promotions of other products such as holidays, clothing or insurance.

Codes and discounts can be quickly and easily added to the UltraPoS system, configurable with start and end times, minimum order amounts and whether it is a buy or sell transaction.

Discounts can be set as a fixed amount, or as a percentage of an order value. You can specify promotions with descriptive text on the customer receipt for example ‘Use code: Spring2017 to receive 10% off selected weekend breaks’.

Key features

  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Ability to set your own codes and eligibility criteria
  • Facilitates single and multi-use codes
  • Helps increase sales, repeat business and customer retention
  • Clear reporting for auditing and campaign evaluation

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