Our inventory ordering system can help with your cash management by streamlining stock ordering, returns and movement across multiple retail sites, through seamless integration with your preferred FX or prepaid card supplier.

When integrated with UltraPoS, our stock ordering system allows you to quickly and easily understand and manage stock levels and order history.

Through our partner, Cash Management Solutions (CMS), we can facilitate predictive inventory management by reviewing order history, till limits, transaction levels and opening and closing balances to determine the appropriate stock amounts and denominations to order.

Key features

  • Orders are automatically populated in the UltraPoS retail system
  • Negates the need for manual rekeying which reduces error
  • Easy to track orders and returns
  • Specify required denomination amounts
  • Can be integrated with a number of FX suppliers
  • Facilitates ordering of prepaid cards as well as banknotes
  • Has the ability to integrate with non FX wholesalers

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