ID Scanning enables UltraPoS users to quickly and securely record a customer’s identity documentation, when required for large retail foreign exchange transactions.

ID Scanning provides a highly secure solution for minimising the risk of fraud, and integrates seamlessly into your UltraPoS system. ID Scanning can help you achieve compliance with AML requirements by offering encrypted capture of electronic images.

ID Scanning can help streamline your transaction process, reduce overheads and minimise the risk of money laundering.

When implemented alongside our Velocity Checking feature, you can go one step further in reaching your compliance requirements and facilitate a faster, smoother retail experience for customers.

ID Scanning V2 is due to be launched later in 2018 which will enable multi page scanning and capture of multiple versions of ID, along with an improved user interface.


Simple, electronic image capture in seconds


Cost effective alternative to photocopying which eliminates the requirement for physical file storage space


Accurate and reliable data storage for auditing purposes


Fast retrieval of customer records

Highly secure

Encryption helps reduce the risk of money laundering, fraud and identity theft


Accessible 24/7 from any teller or head office location

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